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Once upon a time..

“Restart” is a familiar word to people working in IT, but to us, it means more than rebooting a machine. VigorTek as a company was “restarted” a couple of times. In business terms, that usually means changing the business model or completely repositioning the company into a different niche.

We started business as a distributor of routers and firewalls in Malaysia, this went on for a few years until we realized that we drifted away from the vision we had, a vision of running a real IT company that can create and innovate, where customers have the ability to directly interact with the people running the show and influence their decisions, we wanted to be organic, to listen and adapt, rather than only act as salesmen of sorts, at the mercy of foreign manufacturers.

There’s an endless supply of vendors and resellers, and we were turning into just another one.. selling boxes that we have no control over and unable to modify.

From the very beginning, we always maintained a healthy interest in open-source projects, primarily those built around Linux. While we initially sold readily made products with unmodifiable closed firmware, we had a small “custom projects” team that handled customers with special requirements. Requirements that go beyond the standard feature-set commonly found in business routers, things like automation and complex VPN setups.

We realized we were in our element when we worked on those projects. The type of customers we were serving was different, we no longer had people asking us about the latest model from vendor XYZ, instead they were asking us to build them systems to meet their needs, and make unique changes not readily available or offered elsewhere.

A special kind of support was usually required by these customers.. we found ourselves returning to that original vision, the “IT company” vision of close and intimate interaction with customers who understand and appreciate the freedom we provide. We slowly phased out reseller activities and became fully autonomous, hence our motto: Custom-built, to your specs.

Free as in Freedom