VigorTek H520

The VigorTek H1000 is truly made-to-order in every sense, from hardware interfaces to software. It is a class of hardware introduced by VigorTek Networks to satisfy demand for requirements where embedded all-in-one boxes are not sufficient.

Truly gigabit routing and processing horsepower. The H1000 can loadbalance upto 12 WAN interfaces, and provide unlimited options in terms of port configurations.

No router/device on the market can handle your loads? Not for a resonable amount of money at least? This is why the H1000 was built, contact us with your requirements and we'll build a cusom box that will satisfy them.

Hardware Specifications: 

  • 1 to 12 x Gigabit WAN ports (RJ45), or Fiber/SFP interfaces (customizable).
  • 1 to 10  x Gigabit LAN ports (RJ45) or Fiber/SFP interfaces (customizable).
  • 3 x USB ports for dongles/storage.
  • 1 x Hardware reset button.

Software Specifications: 

  • Linux-based OS running current LTS kernel.
  • Standard router/firewall features for most common use cases.
  • Customizable feature-set to fit customer needs.
  • Undergoes rigid QA and testing procedures regularly.
  • Please see datasheet for detailed technical feature-set.

The H1000 has fully customizable firmware, but typically it is used in:

  • Cybercafes (ideal for very large Cybercafes, upto 300-500 PCs).
  • Offices:
    • Very highspeed LAN-to-LAN VPN (link branches and HQ).
    • Road-warrior VPN (users dialing into office).
    • Filtering and usage regulation (block unwated sites, enforce policies..)
    • Load-balancing multiple WANs and failover setups.
  • Industrial applications.

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