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We see the physical hardware as a complementary tool; it helps facilitate the service/solution we wish to provide. The accompanying support that enables the efficient use of said tool is of equal importance to the tool itself.

Many of our S.I. partners purchase only the hardware, but a bigger percentage are with us for the level of support we provide. We try to distinguish ourselves by being highly specialized. All of this is reflected directly in our support.

“Support” here is not simply answering your calls when you have a problem, rather, its us modifying the firmware running on your box to suit your changing requirements, its adapting both hardware and software to match your exact needs. As mentioned in our company profile, we aim to be an IT company, not just another reseller/vendor.

This is what you can expect from us.

Custom hardware, software… and support.

Maybe all you need is just help with initial setup, get your new UniFi line up and running with some VPN configuration, and nothing further.
Or maybe you need 24/7 support, active monitoring with a dashboard, complete with 1-to-1 hardware exchange within 3 hours of any failure.

Just like our hardware and software, support packages are tailored for each customer, if you are running a business where network infrastructure is critical, we can be your reliable IT support.
And if you are an IT professional and just need some assistance once in a while like many of our S.I partners, we can arrange that too.

Please contact us to discuss available packages.