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Note: Hotspot/Captive Portal is available on all models (But H500 series and higher recommended for stable operation).

If fast and stable, will keep customers coming back

Customer: I want a stable WiFi, with a landing page that has my own branding. I don’t want “Powered by XYZ” at the bottom. And I don’t want any of that “profit sharing” nonsense.
VigorTek employee: Absolutely no problem.

If you own a restaurant, a hotel, or perhaps wish to offer WiFi for your guests at your office.. you might want a simple, yet elegant, setup. Perhaps a landing page that shows a picture of your establishment, or maybe your restaurant’s menu selection.

Maybe you want to ensure that people who use the WiFi are allocated only 2 hours and then they are kicked out. And importantly, you’ll want some mechanism that prevents abuse, like someone hogging all the bandwidth.

What we described above is actually the exact specification we were given by a recent customer of ours. Whether you need a simple Hotspot with auto-changing password, or a full-fledged setup with RADIUS accounting, we can accommodate you. Talk to us.

.. And if you are not sure about what features are relevant or needed, we can recommend an “ideal configuration” based on the type of establishment you have.

Models that have ‘WiFi Hotspot’ are VigorTek H500 and higher. If your establishment is very large you might want to consider additional access points. Larger setups (eg Hotels with expected 400+ concurrent users) will have their needs met with VigorTek H1000 and dedicated Linux servers (which we also provide!).

Again, please drop us an email with your requirements and we’ll make a proposal based on physical size of area served and number of concurrent users, prioritizing stability while offering great value for your money, like always.

A high profile customer of ours is OldTown White Coffee, where VigorTek routers are installed at more than 12 branches (and growing).


Landing page showing number of active users.