The VigorTek H1000 is truly made-to-order in every sense, from hardware interfaces to software. It is a class of hardware introduced by VigorTek Networks to satisfy demand for requirements where embedded all-in-one boxes are not sufficient.

Gigabit routing and processing horsepower featuring AMD Epyc server CPUs and ECC memory. The H1000 can loadbalance upto 12 WAN interfaces, and provide unlimited options in terms of port configurations.

No router/device on the market can handle your loads? Not for a resonable amount of money at least? This is why the H1000 was built.

  • 1 to 12 x Gigabit WAN ports (RJ45), or Fiber/SFP interfaces (customizable).
  • 1 to 10  x Gigabit LAN ports (RJ45) or Fiber/SFP interfaces (customizable).
  • 3 x USB ports for dongles/storage.
  • CPU selection ranges from mid-range quad-cores to server grade (AMD Epyc) based boards with ECC memory.
  • Memory starts at 8GB and goes up depending on your use-case.
  • Can be configured to run in VM host mode, where routers/firewalls/appliances can be run on the same hardware in VMs.
  • Linux-based OS running current LTS kernel.
  • Standard router/firewall features for most common use cases.
  • Customizable feature-set to fit customer needs.
  • Undergoes rigid QA and testing procedures regularly.
  • Please see datasheet for detailed technical feature-set.

The H1000 has fully customizable firmware and can be adapted to practically any situation, but typically it is used in:

  • Cybercafes (ideal for very large, multi-storey Cybercafes, upto 500 PCs).
  • Offices:
    • Very high-speed LAN-to-LAN VPN (link branches and HQ).
    • Road-warrior VPN (users dialing into office).
    • Filtering and usage regulation (block unwanted sites, enforce policies..)
    • Load-balancing multiple WANs and fail-over setups.
  • Industrial applications.