Based on a quad-core AMD embedded SoC, with upto 4GB of ECC RAM. The H880 can be configured with internal storage and high-speed WLAN. The potent x86/AMD64 processing power in this small footprint allows the H880 to perform many tasks that would seem fitting for a much larger box.

The 4 ports are individual NICs allowing it to do things like bonding and very high-speed load-balancing. UniFi 800mbps can be handled with ease on this router.

Software customization options are limitless, all solutions listed on our website can be setup on the H880.

  • 4 x Gigabit ports (RJ45), configurable LAN/WAN.
  • 2 x USB3 ports for dongles/storage.
  • 1 x COM port for easy management.
  • Quad-core AMD embedded SoC @ 1Ghz (x86/AMD64), with ECC memory.
  • PCIe expansion to allow for WLAN or LTE modules.
  • Fanless, power efficient without compromising on processing power.
  • Linux-based OS running current LTS kernel.
  • Standard router/firewall features for most common use cases.
  • Customizable feature-set to fit customer needs.
  • Undergoes rigid QA and testing procedures regularly.
  • Please see datasheet for detailed technical feature-set.

The H880 has fully customizable firmware and can be adapted to practically any situation, but typically it is used in:

  • Cybercafes (ideal for large Cybercafes, upto 200 PCs).
  • Offices:
    • Very highspeed LAN-to-LAN VPN (link branches and HQ), links throughput can break the 500mbps mark.
    • Road-warrior VPNs (users dialing into office).
    • Filtering and usage regulation (block unwanted sites, enforce policies..)
    • Load-balancing multiple WANs and fail-over setups.
  • Industrial applications.